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488. Jeff Gilligan 
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I encourage readers of this site to do a DNA test. I have done it through the 23andMe company. They test a saliva sample. Two of the things that they report back with are likely of interest to readers of this site. One is that it will show "countries" of your DNA's origin. Mine shows a lot of Romanian, which initially was a surprise to me. It also shows relatives (close and distant) who have taken the test from 23andMe. The cost of the test is currently $99. You can order it on-line and they send you the kit. A key is to allow contact with others who show some level of relationship, and to allow contact through the site. I would expect many of us to be distant cousins.

(I have corrected a typo in the following from my earlier post.)

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My grandfather was from Podtsrana, Croatia. Cousins there said that the church records said that the first Cicerich in Podstrana came from the Ciceria area in Istria in the 1600s. There are other names in the town that might be of Istro-Romanian origin (and I might be related to them) - Dumicic, Glavinavich, Vlasich. I had a DNA test done through 23andMe, and I came up as being part Romanian, with distant cousins in Transylvania.

Jeff Gilligan


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