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501. Anthony Stoisich 
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Wednesday, 11 June 2014 17:12 Host: Send E-mail

I am so happy to see this site... I found it by looking up my name and found an old wedding photo of me and some of my family attending a wedding in 1959 at the Hotel St George in Brooklyn... I am very impressed by this site and the others created by the author... I think we probably met each other when I lived in Park Slope as a teenager... I would like to hear from anyone that knew me... Thanks for the wonderful effort put into this. Anthony Stoisich

Marisa Send E-mail Thursday, 12 June 2014 10:33
Hi, Anthony,
It's good to hear from you. I am the owner-manager of this website and creator of most of the pages. Not only did you and I meet in Park Slope (but never spoke to each other), we were in the ninth grade together at P.S. 51! Have you seen our class picture?


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