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520. Mary Maraston 
Toronto, Ontario
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Tuesday, 17 February 2015 12:33 Host: Send E-mail

Just found a 1999 posting from Gianfranco Meladossi looking for information on his grandfather Benedetto Meladossi from Montona. My mother Daria Meladossi was born in Montona in 1921. I would be very interested in exchanging information and seeing if there is a connection between our families.

Tiziana Cavatorta Send E-mail Wednesday, 20 May 2015 03:58
Hi Mary, Hi Gianfranco.
My name is Tiziana and live in Rome. My mother Lucia Meladossi born in Montona in 1934 and his grandfather's name was Benedetto Meladossi. My mother's father Antonio born in 1901 and he had three sisters: Vittoria, Antonietta, she can't remember the name of the third one since she told me she moved to Turin when my mother was child. My mother's family moved to Rome just after the end of the second war. Vittoria had two children (Luciana and Nino) while Antonietta hadn't.
I'm sure that there is a family tie among our families, Montona is a very small village!
Let's keep in touch, greetings from Rome.


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