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558. Gordana J Grzentic 
Melbourne, Australia
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Tuesday, 10 May 2016 23:51 Host: Send E-mail

Ghersetti <> Ghersentich <> Grzentic from Oslići(Monti). Now all in Melbourne, Australia.

My father knew himself as Stjepan 'Steve' Grzentic. Found out late in life that he was born Stefano Ghersetti of Oslići 18,52402 Oslići, 1.1.1935, from birth certificate. Documents also had spelling changes of Ghersentich.

First Ghersetti in Oslići was his father, Paulo born Oct 4 1905 at 12 Benćići(Monti) who married Franćesca Krivičič of Oslići.

There are no more Ghersetti or Grzentic in Oslići, as father and then his brother, Ernesto, migrated to Melbourne, Australia. Family graves tend to be for now at Keilor Cemetery, Melbourne.

Wonderful site to look up name changes through history & ones genealogy.

Thank You & Regards
Gordana Grzentic

Gordana J Grzentic Send E-mail Thursday, 2 June 2016 05:05
We have or had, family graves in the ancient city of Hum.
Regards Gordana

anton Send E-mail Wednesday, 13 July 2016 10:46
Gordana, your ancestors on the grandfather's side were buried in Hum because Benčići belong to the parish of Hum.Oslići, on the other hand, belong to the parish of Draguć. The surname Gržentić one can find in the Hum's parish records some four centuries ago. Maybe you know all this, I still wanted to mention it.

Moderator Send E-mail Wednesday, 13 July 2016 21:00
Gordana, as you probably already discovered, there is a page on Hum / Colmo, as well as Draguc / Draguccio, in the genealogy section of that shows the dual spellings of Istrian surnames as they were published in an unofficial 1945 study, as noted. The data shown was mainly derived from church records, but many of the spellings were only converted into Serbo-Croatian years after the end of World War II. Before World War I, there were still other spellings and/or conversion of surnames many times over. This is a sad part of Istrian history.


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