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Maklavun Tholos
Latitude: 45º 6' 30.65"; Longitude: N 13º 45' 10.55" E: Altitude 207 Meters

Tholos Maklavun is a unique but threatened Bronze Age site near Poreč and Šorići, Istria. A local quarry is systematically consuming the hill around it, creating cracks in the cliff which could collapse at any time and which would destroy this unque archeological site for all time, as well as a dromos leading to it. A rescue operation or preferably a halt to the quarrying are urgently required.

The local archeologists believe that this tholos once had a complex corbeled roof, perhaps like Newgrange.It resembles a cairn with a Dromos entranceway and large internal chamber containing a grave. It probably had a corbelled roof, like Newgrange, which is now lost. It is sometimes referred to as the Istrian Stonehenge.


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Photograph by Igor Karasi.


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