Nesactium - Nesazio - Vizače

The later gate renovated by the Romans.

Besides the megalithic town walls, very interesting remains of cult statues and altars were found. What is strange is that the small iron Age Tumuli from the cremation burials are on the inside of the town walls. The Histri cremated their dead, but placed valuable grave goods in the small tumuli. Many of the relics are now in the Pula Museum.

There are ten other secondary Hillforts nearby. The area was resettled by the Romans as a municipium, but was again abandoned in the 6th century following the Slav invasions. For a more complete history, see History of Nesactium.

Prehistoric gate as seen from the outside. The walls on the side of the Hillfort have been thoroughly damaged but occasionaly still peak out of the grass.

Prehistoric gate as seen from the inside.

Nesactium Tombs.


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