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New Archeological Discovery on the Istrian Ipsilon Trail

PULA - On the trail of the Istrian Ipsilon road only several kilometers before Pula airport, at Stancia Pliceti one can see the outline of a Roman possession. It is spread over 300 square meters (2700 square feet) and it dates from II to V century BC. The archeologist believe that along the road from ancient Nazakij to Pula of that time, there were dozen of these possessions in the area of 10 square kilometers. These were the economic units of less affluent Romans who produced olive oil, livestock and wheat. They produced food for the needs of reach Romans and their superiors living in the villas and summer places.

At Stancia Peliceti the archeologist found last week well preserved foundation of a Roman cistern. The chief archeologist at the site Kristina Dzin said: "The cistern way covered with ceramic tiles if the form of fishbone and the walls of the cistern by a mixture of gravel, sand and water. It also had a vaulted ceiling and the space for 15 cubic meters (405 cubic feet) of water. Near the cistern we found two small basins and in one of them a piece of an amphora, which was probably used for fetching water. This amphora is very interesting because on its neck it has engraved the words "P, Herenni". This may mean that it was made in northern Istria near river Mirna. We found also household ceramic pieces and now we are investigating the foundation of various rooms in the area of 300 square meters (2,700 square feet) as well as the peripheral property wall. The location is along the Roman road, close to the track of current road, which was used for products delivery to the reach Romans in Nezakcij and Pula", said Kristina Dzin.

The area of the property is on a small hill where, due to continuous breeze, the climate very comfortable. They paid attention to these details when they built these places. The archeologists will continue research until the end of this week. Based on the importance of this discovery, which was found only one meter below surface, the conservators will decide what to do next. Since this is a possession on the track of the currently under construction Ipsilon road, the road will probably be built over this place, and the discovery will end up just a documented place in the books.

Author: Vesna BRNABIĆ
Translator: Pino Golja


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