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Fri, 6 Oct 1995 10:02:24 -0400

Fabio Marco Dalla Vecchia is doing his post-doc at the Department of Geology, Paleontology and Geophysic of the University of Padova (Italy) (fax 0039/49/8272070). He is the Curator of the Paleontological Museum of Monfalcone (Italy) ( tel. 0039/481/40014). He discussed his Ph.D. dissertation on the triassic pterosaurs at the University of Modena. At the present he is studying the triassic pterosaurs of Northern Italy, mainly the new specimens from Friuli region (NE Italy) (osteology, taxonomy, dating, deposition and life environment). He is also working on the dinosaur evidences on the carbonate platform of the Adriatic region (Italy, Slovenia, Croazia). In particular he is researching dinosaur footprints in the cretaceous of Istria (Croazia) with a grant from "The Dinosaur Society". The study of sauropod bones of Early Cretaceous age from this region is also in progress. Anyone interested on these subjects can contact him. He will be at the SPV meeting in Pittsburgh. Please mercy for his scarce knowledge of english language.

Best regards from Italy
Dr. Paolo Maddaleni



1st Symposium on European Dinosaurs


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The 1st symposium on European Dinosaurs in Dusseldorf (Germany) included among its lecturers Fabio Marco Dalla-Vecchia. His lecture was on the "Dinosaurs of NE Italy, Slovenia and Croatia"



Article on dinosaurs - Bollettino Societa' Paleontologica Italiana

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Dear list members, 

In the vol. 40/1 (first issue of 2001) of the Bollettino della Societa' Paleontologica Italiana (scheduled publication: April) you will find the long article by DALLA VECCHIA F.M., TARLAO A., TUNIS G. & VENTURINI S., "Dinosaur track sites in the upper Cenomanian (Late Cretaceous) of the Istrian  peninsula (Croatia)". 

The Bollettino della Societa' Paleontologica Italiana (Bulletin of the Italian Paleontological Society) is a scientifical journal which publishes articles concerning paleontological aspects of Italy (for example, Wild's article on the Triassic pterosaurs, 1978), but also of other Mediterranean countries. Most articles are written in English and the future issues will probably contain other papers concerning Mesozoic reptiles (all of you are aware of some recent discoveries here in Italy). 

Three parts are published each year and are sent free to all members of the Society. Membership is open on payment of the annual subscription. The rate for 2001 for E.E.C. countries is Euro 31 (about 30 USD); for people from other countries is Euro 41.32 (51.65 for Institutional membership), corresponding to about 40 USD (50 USD for Institutional membership). 

To ask for more info or to subscribe and be accepted as a member you must write to the President of the Society: 

Prof. CHERCHI Antonietta, Dipartimento di Scienze della Terra
Via Trentino 51
 I-09127 Cagliari, ITALY 

If you wish, you can find an article of mine about Cretaceous sauropods of Istria (Croatia) as PDF file and you can unload it, at the site of the Museo Paleontologico Cittadino of Monfalcone - Gruppo Speleologico Monfalconese ADF at: 

Some issues of the bulletin Natura Nascosta (with dinosaur articles) can also be freely unloaded.


Fabio M. Dalla Vecchia




DESCRIBER Dalla Vecchia, 1998
TIME Cretaceous Early
Hauterivian Barremian
CLASSIFICATION Saurischia Sauropodomorpha Sauropoda
DIET Herbivore
FOSSIL SITE Limestones of SW Istria (Bale - Valle?) Croatia
INFO "Istria lizard" the Latin name of Istria the species epithet honors Dario Boscarolli, who with colleagues reported the bone-bearing locality in 1993. Considered by the describer as being most closely related to the genus Rebbachisaurus. More sauropod taxa may be present in the material (mainly incomplete vertebrae and limb elements) but these cannot presently be defined.

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