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The Church of The Blessed Virgin's Nativity

The church of the NativitÓ della Beata Vergine in Bagnole was built in the early 19th century. In a 1373 document there is mention of a St. Peter of Bagnole, perhaps a field chapel that has disappeared.

The church has a single nave and a stone altar with a statue of the Madonna in a niche.  The side altars contain statues of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, St. Lucy, St. Peter, and St. Anthony of Padua.

Volta ad occidente, ha un campanile a torre posto sul lato sinistro, tutto in pietra nuda calcare a corsi e con una sola campanella. In questi ultimi tempi Ŕ stata ristrutturata ed Ŕ stata rifatta la parte superiore del campanile, che un tempo era probabilmente crollata, con dei brutti inserti ad arco in mattoni. Alcune pietre scolpite, di epoca lontana, sono state inserite nella muratura del campanile. 

The date MCM carved on a tablet over the entrance to the steeple is deceptive: it seems that building only began in 1933 and was completed in 1993. Perhaps this tablet too has been taken from a previous building and set into the steeple, like the Roman reliefs. 

The locals say that before the Second World War the steeple reached the apex of the roof of the church, while the present roof with four sides is considerably higher. The massive structure has a square plan and stands on the lefthand side of the facade and backs onto the other buildings connected to the church. The base is buttressed and is built of split stones of various sizes, perhaps the remains of other buildings. Three broad cornices punctuate the central section and the bricks arranged in a fan shape over the arches of the double lights in the mullioned windows and the small, narrow windows marking the floors also serve a decorative function.

In medieval times up to 1628, Bagnole was included in the parish of Pomer, as was Promontore and a long stretch of coast. Today, Bagnole it is a subsidiary of the Promontore parish.


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