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Church of the Holy Trinity

From an inscription on the vestry wall, we know that the parish church of Holy Trinity in Čepić was erected in 1882. The church is of medium size and is found in the square of the village facing East and the plain, with a stairway in front of a lilac facade, on which emerges a belltower in the shape of a sail. The altars of the church were brought from the old church by the lake which was pulled down after the new sacral edifice had been completed.

The high altar in Holy Trinity church is from the 18th century, and the oil painting on canvas from the 19th century. It represents the Holy Trinity and has the inscription:


The altar in the left aisle of the church is from the same century, and the oil painting on canvas on it represents St. Anthony kneeling in front of Madonna and Child. The year in which the altar was constructed is recorded in the following text:


An inscription dedicated to the god-like Silvano was once on the main wall, but that was moved elsewhere after the last restoration in 1873. In 1940, count Tonetti had his Paulist church by the Cepic Lake razed, and on that occasion nine wooden carved pews of the 18th-century date were brought over to the church of Holy Trinity. 

There are two other altars under the vaulting of the church of Holy Trinity, plus an organ built in 1902 by the Zupan brothers from Kamnagorica in Slovenia. The church still contains some votive tables and dedications.

The monastery of the Blessed Virgin Mary (Madonna of the Lake) was established in 1385 and dissolved in 1783 by order of the emperor Joseph II. At one time, there were 30 friars in the monestary, including some lay-brothers. The priests educated the young, while the others cultivated the numerous pieces of land they owned. The edifice of the monastery has been preserved to the present day, and popularly called "klopštar" (cloister) by the people of Čepić. Above the village is a chapel of St. Justin in a small cemetery. 

Chapel of St. Justin Cepic cemetery

The parish of Čepić has always been under the diocese of Pićan. 


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