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Draguc (Draguccio) Receives a New Bell

DRAGUC –  A new bell arrived yesterday at Draguccio for the parish church of Holy Cross which weight 650 kg or approximately 1300 lb. It was donated by the Veneto region which paid 12,000 Euros for the bell, according to the mayor of Cerovlje, Mirko Oplanic. It was cast by the De Poli factory in Revino near Treviso like had been all the other bells in Draguc. The factory was established in 1453. The bell's edge is ornate and below the images of Christ and Mary there is an inscription in Latin and Croatian  “The living I call, the dead I cry over, lightning I split”.

Mr. Opasic and Ivan Blazevic are hoping that the cooperation with Veneto will continue in restoring the organ and the fountain at the square in front of the church.  The initiator and coordinator in procuring the bell, Teobaldo Biovanni Rossi, also believes in further cooperation.

The bell was received by the elders in the town and among them were 87-year old Zora Pacelat and the priest Ivan Stokovic, who announced tha it will be blessed in the spring of next year. Before that they have to make a new yoke for the bell and also restore the tower clock. Currently there are two bells on the tower but only one is being used. The other bell split a long time ago and will be removed and replaced with this new one, which is now stored in the priest’s house. The old bell will be put on display in a suitable place, said Blazevic. We found out from him that in the past there were four bells on the tower but two of them were taken by the Italians during WWII.

Translated by Pino Golja


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