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Church of St. Stephen, the First Martyr

The parish of Petrovija, which also includes some of the surrounding area, has its seat in the Church of St. Stephen the First Martyr. The church and belltower were built in the year 1639, at which time refugees from Dalmatia were settling in the town.

Altitude 41 meters above sea level; Diaconate of Umag and Oprtalj; County of Umag. First recorded in 1210 as Betania. Until 1891, it was under the supervision og the parish of Materada, after which it was a chaplaincy of the parish of Umag. 

The interior consists of one nave with sacristy and contains a stone and marble altar with a wooden tabernacle and a wooden statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary. On either side of the altar hang pictures of St. Stephen and St. Lawrence; stone altar near the pulpit; holy water basin on the wall.

The 12 (or 15?) metre belltower stands next to the facade. It has two automated bells and a spire in the shape of a four-sided pyramid. It has a buttressed base, three small windows in the central section and a belfry with large single-arched openings, surmounted by a pitched roof with four faces. Both the church and the belltowere were recently plastered.

The church archive dates from 1800. There is a Cathechism hall in the meeting room of the sacristy, and the church has an associated elementary school with four grades. 

Towns and villages: PETROVIJA, Brig, Jeci, Klija, Vilanija.
Parish house: Petrovija, kbr. 38 (nationalized), 52470 Umag.
Administration of the parish: Parish priest from Umag.

The Cemetery


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