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The Roman Empire in 450 A.D.
(The empire at the time of Attila the Hun)

With Attila the Hun's massive empire extending into the Russian plains, bounding on its borders the Roman empire was beginning to fall apart. During the first half of the fifth century the eastern empire was holding steady, but the western empire was crumbling.

The Ostrogoths, a fairly hostile people, had taken a firm hold of the Pannonian part of the Balkans.

The Visigoths were settled in Aquitania (south-western Gaul) as federates (allies of the Roman empire).

The Burgundians were settled in north west of the Alps as federates.

Britain had been abandoned. The Sueves settled in the northwest of Hispania, the Franks moved across the Rhine and Britons descended across the sea to settle in the northwestern tip of Gaul.

But worst of all the hostile Vandals had lodged themselves in northern Africa, the Libyan and Mauretanian territories they failed to control falling back into the hands of native tribes.


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