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Carnevale - Pust - Carnival
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Carnival in Pazin (Pisino)

The Carnival parade has been held on the last Sunday before "Pust" (Ash - Wednesday) since 1999 and is organized by the Tourist Office of Pazin. Many groups from Pazin and its surroundings take part in the great parade through the town. Except the parade, which usually happens in the afternoon, groups spend their morning doing a tour round the villages of the area and in the evening they gather on the carnival party in Pazin. 

A special note is given to the  revival of some traditional forms of carnival such as "Katunjanski ovčari" from Lindarski katun, or "Bijele mačkare" from Heki , all with the help of The Ethnographic Museum of Istria in Pazin. We invite you to be present at the ceremonial burning of "Pust" on the day of "Pust" that is organized in the villages of Trošti and Heki, while the real "funeral" for the "convict" is  organized in Pazinski Novaki.

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