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Scientific name:

Dinacrusa hirsuta (L.) G.Krebs (syn.: Althaea hirsuta L.)



Italian name:

Altea ispida

Croatian name:

Bijeli sljez

German name:

Zottige Zwergmalve

Slovene name: 

Srhkodlakavi slez

Altea ispida - Bijeli sljez

This plant is a decumbent to erect annual, hairy, with single, and long peduncles. It grows in garigues (open scrublands with many evergreen shrubs, low trees, aromatic herbs and abunchgrasses found in poor or dry soil in the Mediterranean region), on stony places, margins of macchies, dry meadows. Flowers from March to August.

It is rare and growing in scattered places in Istria, including the Quarnero islands.

Photographed by:  

Dr. Ulrike Starmühler on June 267, 1998 at Cnapich/Knapici (NE Albona/Labin) in 280 m alt

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