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Scientific name:

Cistus salviifolius L.



Italian name:

Cisto femina

Croatian name:

Bijeli busin

German name:

Salbeiblättrige Zistrose

Slovenian name:

Kaduljelistni brskin

Cistus Salvifolius L.

This is a small shrub, 30-50 (-100) cm high, with stems and pedicels greenish; leaves are stalked, ovate, 1.5-3 (-4) cm long and 0.8-1.5 cm broad, hairy; flowers are 3-5 cm in diameter, solitary or up to 4 in small inflorescences.

It grows in macchies, garigues and stony slopes, flowering from April to June.

Growing in Istria, rarely in the Territory of Trieste, Gulf of Trieste, Gulf of Rijeka/Fiume/St. Veit, island Krk/Veglia/Vögls, island Cres/Cherso, island Susak/Sansego, scattered on the West Coast, South Istria, and often on the island Losinj/Lussino.

Photographed by:

Dr. Walter Starmühler on June 5, 1999 in South Istria between Barbariga and Peroj/Peroi at 10 m altitude.

Courtesy of:

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