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Clematis flammula
Scientific name:

Clematis flammula L. var. maritima (L.) DC



Italian name:

Clematide fiammola

Croatian name:

Plamenita pavitina

German name:


Slovene name: 

Diseci srobot

Clematide fiammola

This is a twining shrub, climbing up to 5 m; leaves twice pinnate, oblong, 0.8-1.2 cm broad, 1-4 cm long; flowers in paniculate inflorescences; tepals whitish, tomentose only at the margin; carpels disciform, glabrous or short appressed hairy, style long and hairy. It grows in macchies, Holm oak woods, bushes and on stone walls; flowering from (June) July to August.

Found growing in Istria rarely in the Hinterland of Fiume/Rijeka/St. Veit and in the Territory of the Monte Maggiore/Ucka gora, scattered on the West coast, Gulf of Fiume/Rijeka/St. Veit, South Istria and on the islands Veglia/Krk/Vögls, Cherso/Cres, Sansego/Susak and Lussino/Losinj/Lussin.

Photographed by:

  • Dr. Walter Starmühler on July 24,1999 on the West coast in Palù/Palud south of Rovigno/Rovinj/Rofein in 10 m alt.

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