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Scientific name:

Limonium cancellatum (Bertol.) O.Kuntze



Italian name:

Limonio cancellato

Croatian name:

Res(v)etkasta mriz(v)ica

German name:


Limonium Cancellatum

This plant is perennial, (5-) 10-20 (-25) cm high, densely short hairy, growing cushion shaped, stems bent right-angled, cauline leaves scape-like, bracts green, not membranous, sepals 4,5 -5 mm long, petals pale violet growing only on cliffs at the seaside (between 0 and 20 m alt.), flowering from July to October.

It is a typical plant of the sea cliffs in Istria! It grows scattered to frequent along the Istrian coast: Gulf of Trieste, West Coast, Gulf of Rijeka (Fiume), South-Istria, the islands of Krk (Veglia), Prvic (Pervicchio), Plavnik (Plauno), Cres (Cherso),  Zeca (Levrera),  Unije (Unie), Skrakane (Canidole), Susak (Sansego), Losinj (Lussino) and Ilovik (Asinello).

Photographed by:  

Dr. Ulrike Starmühler on July 7, 2000 in South Istria, south of Premantura (Promontore) at Rt. Krs(v)ine (Punta Chersina) in 10 m alt.

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