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Senecio scopolii
Scientific name:

Senecio scopolii Hoppe ex Hornsch. ex Bluff & Fingerh.



Italian name:

Senecione di Scopoli

Croatian name:


German name:


Slovene name: 

Scopolijev grint

Senacio scopolii Hoppe
Senecione di Scopoli - Kostris

The plant is perennial, 25-50 cm high, with lower leaves ovate, upper leaves lanceolate, inflorescence always with only one flower head. The flowers are lemon coloured with flower head 40-50 mm broad. It grows at margins and glades of woods and in karst heaths, and flowering from April to June.

It grows in the north of Istria: scattered in the territory of Trieste, Cicceria / Cicarija and in the territory of the Monte Maggiore/Ucka gora, rare in the Berchinia/Brkini, hinterland of Fiume/Rijeka, gulf of Trieste and in the gulf of Fiume/Rijecki zaljev.

Photographed by:

  • Dr. Ulrike Starmühler on 19.05.1997 in the Cicceria/Cicarija on the way from the Poklon saddle to the Alpe grande/Planik in 940 m alt.

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