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Scientific name:

Anthyllis vulneraria L. subsp. rubriflora (DC.) Arcang.



Italian name:

Vulneraria illirica

Croatian name:

Ilirski ranjenik

English name:

Kidney vetch, Woundwort or Sand clover

German name:

Rotblütiger Wundklee

Slovene name: 

Ilirski ranjak

Anthyllis vulneraria

Biennual herb, 10-40 cm high, cauline leaves 1-3, bluish green, upper cauline leaves pinnate with 7-13 leaflets, terminal leaflet of the lower cauline leaves mostly bigger than the lateral leaflets, flowers red, calyx inflated, reddish, (11-) 12-14 mm long.

It grows in karst meadows and dry meadows, flowering from April to June.

Growing in Istria:  scattered in the Gulf of Trieste, Central Istria, islands of Krk / Veglia / Vögls, Prvic / Pervicchio, Zeca / Levrera, Unije / Unie, Skrakane / Canidole, Susak / Sansego, Ilovik / Asinello and often at the West Coast, South Istria and the islands of  Cres / Cherso and Losinj / Lussino / Lussin.

Photographed by:

Dr. Ulrike Starmühler on May 5, 2000 in Central Istria at Most / Ponte Porton in 20 m alt.

Courtesy of:

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