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Scientific name:

Fumana thymifolia (L.) Spach ex P.B.Webb var. thymifolia



Italian name:


Croatian name:


German name: 

Klebriges Heideröschen 

Fumana - Suncac

Fumana is a dwarf shrub, 5-15 (-25) cm high, growing in garigues (open scrublands with many evergreen shrubs, low trees, aromatic herbs and abunchgrasses found in poor or dry soil in the Mediterranean region), macchies and rocky places. 

It is rare in Istria, found on the West coast (costa occidentale; zapadna obala) around Limski Canal (Canale di Leme; Limski kanal), in south Istria (Istria meridionale; juzna Istra) around Punta Promontore (Rt Kamenjak), and on the island of Lošinj (isola di Lussino; otok Losinj).

Photographed by:  

Dr. Ulrike Starmühler on May 17, 1997 at Punta Promontore in 20 m alt.

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