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Scientific name:

Spartium junceum L.



Croatian name:


English name:

Spartium; Spanish or Weaver's broom

German name:


Italian name:

Ginestra comune o odorosa


Navadna zuka

Spanish or Weaver's Broom - Ginestra comune

A single species of essentially leafless shrubs of the pea family, S. junceum, the Spanish weaver's broom, often grown for its profusion of yellow bloom, it has grooved, rush-like stems, 6-8 ft. high, with alternate, simple leaves (when produced). Flowers fragrant, pea-like, yellow, about 1 in. long, mostly in terminal clusters (racemes) that may be 15 in. long, hence very showy. Fruit of a flattened pod (legume) about 4 in. long and hairy. A handsome shrub in bloom, otherwise of indifferent aspect. Southern Europe, May-September (or all year in California). Hardy from zone 6, possibly from zone 5 (with protection), and southward. Much planted in California on a variety of soils. Propagated by cutting or seeds.  (Spartium is from the ancient Greek name for the plant.)

See also Genista and Broom for closely related plants.

Alta pianta arbustiva, 1-5 m, con fusti verdi sottili ed eretti, ramosa e poco fogliosa. Foglioline lineari lanceolate, intere, che tendono a cadere alla fioritura. Fiori gialli, odorosi, raccolti in racemi terminali. Legume piatto, grande 5 x 40-80 mm, sericeo da giovane, successivamente glabro e nerastro, con semi aranciati. 

Note: I semi contengono un alcaloide tossico, la sparteina, che esplica la sua azione prevalentemente sul sistema nervoso e cardiocircolatorio.

Habitat tipico: Luoghi rupestri soleggiati, garighe; dal livello del mare a 200 m - comune.

Periodo fioritura: Aprile - Giugno


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