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Istrian Cuisine in Asia

I copied the attached recipe of Brodetto from a manual the American Ladies Club in Jakarta printed for fair expatriate ladies, to instruct their cooks on how to prepare Brodetto The names of the fishes suggested are there translated in Indonesian local equivalent.

It is not a recipe my Mother would have exchanged over her own, but nevertheless it was a credible dish. I felt very proud to find this Istrian culinary delight at a dinner party, to which I was invited and, due to my big mouth in describing alternatives and side dishes, on my following vacation trip home, I found myself importing to Jakarta: proper polenta flour, radicio, rucola, indivia and basil seeds, bay leaves, etc. It is no big deal perhaps, but besides showing that I enjoyed my own ethnic food, I felt that I was promoting my Istrian culture.

On the same subject, I found " Pese in Savor” on the menu at the Oriental Hotel in Bangkok, the hotel where Michener and Somerset Maugham used to stay; “Filetto di vitello alla Levade” al Hugo’s, Hyatt Hotel in Singapore; and “Tacchino alla Montona” at Geddi’s, Peninsula Hotel in Hong Kong (had to borrow a jacket and tie at this place),

So… perhaps we are having an Istrian Renaissance… so far from home.

Anonymous Istrian
Melbourne, Australia (born in Strugnano, Istria)

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