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Cities, Towns and Hamlets

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1945 Surnames by Town

The primary source of information for this section is the Cadastre National de L'Istrie d'après le Recensement du 1er Octobre 1945, Edition de L'Institut Adriatique (Sušak 1946), an unofficial study that was secretively compiled and published in French language in two volumes for the express purpose of providing supporting documentation for the annexation of Istria to Yugoslavia after World War II. The data was collected with omissions (including Milje-Muggia surnames), inconsistencies and irregularities, and contains numerical errors and distortions of surnames and toponyms that were Slavicized for this study. We present below the partial information that was extracted solely for general genealogical research purposes.

The cities, towns and hamlets are geographically designated within the Administrative Boroughs shown on the accompanying map:

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