Mediterranean Winds

Etesian Winds 

Etesians are the prevailing northerly monsoonal winds in the summer and early fall, flowing into the Aegean Sea and into the eastern Mediterranean. Etesian has a similar flow pattern to the wintertime Bora - Aegean Sea winds. The NW flow is confined to the Aegean Sea by the Rhodope mountain range to the north of the Aegean Sea, the Boz Daglar to the east and the Pindus Mountains to the west. Etesian winds are associated with clear skies and dry cool weather. Gale-force Etesians may occur as a result of thermal lows deepening over Turkey. Due to the extended duration of these winds, they can produce significant seas along the Egyptian and Israeli coasts. These steady winds seldom reach gale-force strength except when channeled through passes. The gale-force Etesian is induced by the interaction of the seasonal trough along the south coast of Turkey and high pressure over eastern Europe.



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