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Mediterranean Winds
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Levante Wind

The levante is a warm, east to northeast wind that flows from the Alboran Channel and is funneled through the Strait of Gibraltar. Gale-force Levante extends to the eastern Gulf of Cadiz. "Levanter" is the English name for this wind in the Strait of Gibraltar and Alboran Channel. Synoptically, Levante can occur in three ways: (a) high pressure over central Europe and relatively low pressure over the southwest Mediterranean, (b) high pressure cell over the Balearic Islands (Levante will be localized around the Strait), and (c) an approaching cold front from the west toward the Strait of Gibraltar. During the winter months, gale-force Levante often follow the end of gale-force Mistral events. Oftentimes, satellite imagery can depict the onset of gale-force Levante when low stratus clouds dam up along the eastern side of the Strait of Gibraltar. During the summer, gale-force Levante is generally confined to the Strait of Gibraltar.



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