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Title: HAMBURG - TRIESTE (unpublished manuscript?)
Publisher: Triest: 1873. First Edition.

Notes: There is no printed version of this particular item, however, since there is an allusion to the poor pay of the Trieste consul, a post which Burton held between 1872 and 1890, as well as the date 1873 on page 6, it is safe to assume that the piece was written at this time. Clearly a draft for an unpublished article, this document includes numerous notes and corrections, the majority of which can be found on facing pages, with several within the body of the piece itself. The outer page bears the title along with extensive notes, no doubt intended for inclusion at a later date: "servants in Germany not good," "Rude police orders Rechts fahren! / everything verboten."

As with the rest of his work Burton's writing is seldom tempered by tact or consideration; he is considered and forthright, certain in his knowledge and open in his prejudice. He considers various aspects of the two cities, finding much to compare and contrast: "We might expect to trace a family likeness between the two great marts of Northern Europe and Southern Europe, Hamburg and Trieste; nor shall we be disappointed by the comparison." The reader is informed that both are controlled by foreign powers, with Prussia in the North and Austria in the South; both are troubled by strong winds; both have an "old and ramshackle, dirty, and badly drained old Town." Hamburg however, with its canals, if kept "comparatively clean" since the tide has a rune of some 18 feet, as against Trieste where the flow is a mere 4 feet.

On a more positive note Burton notes that the horses of Trieste warrant particular praise since they come from Lippiza and add Arab blood to the stock, whereas those in Hamburg are not only "ugly" but as "bad as those of Berlin." His interest in the economy runs to the Bourse of both towns, and also to the "Israelites." In Trieste he remarks they "do nearly all the hospitality," unlike the Greeks (the other "money makers"), although they are still excluded from the best Club, whereas in Hamburg he remarks that they are only admitted "on sufferance". A rare unpuplished piece of travel writing by Linguist and Explorer Sir Richard F. Burton.

Condition: First Edition. Scarce, Original. Manuscript on paper, written in ink, in Burton's distinct idiosyncratic hand. 4to. Sewn. 20pp (with 5 integral blanks). [Trieste, c.1873]. Housed in a custom made, full red morocco clamshell box with extensive gilt tooling. Near Fine condition.



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