Fiorello H. La Guardia
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LaGuardia and Wagner Archives
Photo Collection - Family Album # 1

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Irene Coen (mother)

Irene Coen La Guardia (c. 1885), was born in Trieste, with possible roots in Fiume (now Rikeka). .

Achille Luigi Carlo La Guardia (father)

Prescott, Arizona (c.1895)

In army uniform, Phoenix, Arizona (c. 1895) In army uniform, Prescott, Arizona (c. 1895)

c. 1890. .

Sackets Harbor (c. 1887)

Prescott Public School. Fourth Grade (c. 1890). This may be Fiorello's Fourth Grade class picture.

Fiorello LaGuardia graduating from grade school in Prescott, Arizona (June 1894). Instead of reciting a poem on that occasion, Fiorello played a cornet solo.

Cabinet card of Gemma LaGuardia, Fiorello's sister, playing the violin, Fort Whipple in Prescott, Arizona (c. 1890).

LaGuardia family musicians with others in Prescott, Arizona (1896). Fiorello's sister Gemma is sitting at the far left, his brother Richard is standing third from the right, Fiorello is standing second from the right next to their father Achille who is sitting on the far right. .

Fiorello is seated between (L-R) Joe C. Clarke and Dora G. Howse, privates of the Eleventh U.S. Infantry of which Achille LaGuardia was the band master. Whipple Barracks, Prescott, Arizona (September 1896). .

Achille LaGuardia (front row, second from left) with the Eleventh Infantry Band which he directed. Whipple Barracks, Prescott, Arizona (c. 1898).

Fiorello LaGuardia (c. 1898).

Gemma LaGuardia, Fiorello's sister. St. Louis, Missouri (c. 1900).


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