Sextil Puşcariu
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Istro-Romanian Towns

Note: while the original of this map by Sextil Puşcariu is in the Public Domain, this 2001 edited copy was personally
scanned and enhanced with red lines on the black and white image by © Marisa Ciceran for explicit use of this
website only. The person who anonymously posted this map image without our authorization on WikiCommons falsely
claimed to be the author of thie work. That misrpresenation has been corrected.
   Towns where Istro-Romanian is spoken today.

Towns where Istro-Romanian was spoken in the past:


to the early 1900s

– – – – – – – –

in the 1800s 

See also: parallel chart


  • Sextil Puşcariu, Studii istroromane, Ed. Cultura nationale, Vol. II (Bucuresti, 1926), reprinted in L'Istrorumeno - La lingua, la cultura, la storia - Parliamo per salvarlo, Associazione di Amicizia Italo-Romena Decebal, Trieste / Carta Europea delle Lingue Regionali o Minoritarie, Strasburgo 5 novembre 1992). This version is a revised and edited copy ©

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