[Cover: The Problem of Space Travel: The Rocket Motor]

NASA Logo(Washington, D.C.: NASA SP-4026, 1995). Edited by Ernst Stuhlinger and J.D. Hunley with Jennifer Garland. Foreword by Frederick I. Ordway III. 149 pages, illustrated, paperback. 

This is the first fully-edited, complete English translation of the 2929 classic German book Das Problem der Befahrung des Weltraums by Herman Potocnik under the pen name Hermann Noordung. It  is an important contribution to the historical literature of space travel as this was the first book with specific engineering details for a space station. Although there had been earlier discussions of this subject, none of them provided the technical detail Potocnik included in his book. 

A foreword and preface provide background information on Potocnik and historical context. Ernst Stuhlinger-who worked at the German rocket plant in PeenemŸnde and later at NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center-collaborated with J.D. Hunley, a NASA historian with a Ph.D. in European history, to edit this translation by Jennifer Garland. 149 pages, illustrated, paperback. 

Editorial Comment: This electronic text of The Problem of Space Travel is a rough version that omits numerous illustrations and other items that are included in the published volume. The text for the figures is included in this electronic version so that readers can see where illustrations are supposed to be inserted. A paperback edition of this book, including all illustrations, charts, and figures, can be purchased for $11.00, including postage, from the Government Printing Office. Order GPO Stock Number #033-000-01147-4 $11.00 (chargeable to a credit card).


  • The NASA History Series, NASA SP-4026 (full electronic text of Potocnik's The Problem of Space Travel), National Aeronautics and Space Administration, NASA History Office, Washington, DC, Published 1995, HTML revised: December 6, 1996. All rights reserved. 
  • NASA and the History of Space Travel - General Reference Works (brief description of book) - http://www.hq.nasa.gov/office/pao/History/gpo/travel.html

For further information contact Roger D. Launius, NASA Chief Historian, roger.launius@hq.nasa.gov

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