Endangered Languages

This section concentrates on all the Slavic languages and dialects that are spoken in Istria, both in the past and in the present, but excluding the official languages of Croatia and Slovenia which are not in danger of extinction:
  • Cakavian (Cakavski; Cacavo), in Labin (Albona) and Raša (Arsa) Valley region
  • Chakavian (Čakavski; Ciacavo), in the remaining parts of Istria (except possibly Buzet, Peroj, etc.)
  • Kajkavian, in Slovenian Istria
  • Liburnian, in Lovran (Laurana), Opatija (Abbazia) area
  • Savrin (Šavrinsko narečje; Savrino), in Slovenian Istria
  • Stokavian (archaic), in Peroj (Peroi) - [1]
  • [others?]

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