Savrino - Savrinsko
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"... / think that the main theme of my writing is magic. Everything that is near to magic - magic it is such a wide concept. Then there is my fidelity to Istria ... In fact it has been a subconscious escape to places where you can still find archaic magic world, where people still trust and believe. Industrialisation has forgotten Istria, thanks God. Although for the last years, this poison is spreading there too. Additionally television has its role too and so the traditional values have begun to fade also in these parts... Now you know the reason why I have written about Shavrinkas. And there is also love - I have wanted to give something to the people who have accepted me as a friend and gradually began to like me. And they still stubbornly fight and resist. They still are an unseparated part of the Nature."  Marjan Tomšić

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