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Travel Logs and Field Guides
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16th to 18th Centuries:

  • 1553 - Giovanni Battista Giustiniano, Itinerario di - Breve descrizione d'Istria
  • 1734 - (Excerpt) Travels of Three English Gentlemen, from Venice to Hamburgh, being the grand tour of Germany, in the year 1734, in The Harleian Mischellany; or, a Collection of scarce, curious, and entertaining phamphlets and tracts, in manuscript as in print, found in the late Earl of Oxford's library, interspersed with historical, political and critican notes. Vol. XI. Printed for Robert Dutton (London, 1810), p. 218-355 (under construction)
  • 1798 - (Excerpts) A Geographical and Statistical Account of the Cisalpine Republic and Maritime Austria. With a Map, Describing the Partition of the Venetian Territory, and the New Limits of the Cisalphine Republic. Translated from the German, by W. Oppenheim, M.D., Printed for G.G. and J. Robinson (London, 1798), pg. 501-520

19th Century:

20th Century to the present:

  • Early 1900s - Ports - Trieste And Pola (originally published early 1900's)
  • 1905 - Horatio F. Brown, In and Around Venice, Charles Scribner's Sons (New York, 1905), "In Istria", p. 264-283
  • 1906 - Felix J. Koch, A.B.,"Overland Among the Slovanians of Istria", by  Overland Monthly and Out West Magazine (1868-1935); Oct 1906; Vol. XLVIII, No. 4.
  • 1908 - Frederick Hamilton Jackson (1848-1923), The shores of the Adriatic, the Austrian side, the Küstenlande, Istria, and Dalmatia, fully illustrated with plans, drawings, by the author, and photographs taken specially for this work, John Murray (London),.XV, 420 p. front., illus. (incl. plans) plates, fold. map. 24 cm. - under construction.
  • 1913 - James Baker, with illustrations by Donald Maxwell (1913), Austria: Her people and their Homelands, Chapters XVI (Triest and Istria) and XVII (Down the Istrian Coast to Dalmatia, to Sebenico), pp. 140-159.
  • c. 1915 - Nellie Ryan, My Years at the Austrian Court, John Lane (London & New York, 1915), Chapters 18 (The Island of Lussin), 19 (Festivities on the Island), 20 (Cruises in the Adriatic) and 21 (Last Glimpses of the Adriatic), pp. 206-264.
  • c. 1927 - Istituto geografico De Agostini. Trieste, Riviera d'Istria, Zara, con 6 acquarelli originali del prof. Giovanni Giordani e 208 fotografie ...
  • 2001 - Jan Morris, "An Adriatic Côte d'Azure", National Geographic Traveler, September 2001.

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