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Infectious Diseases
Medicine and Health
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General outlines and history:

  • Epidemie in Friuli e l'Istria dal 1799 al 1914 (Italiano)
  • Urška Železnik - Med naravnim in družbenim: zgodovina epidemičnih bolezni v ponovnem branju (Slovensko) -
Notes on epidemics and pandemics in and around Istria:
  • April 14, 1874 (Venice) - "The last advices bring the melencholy news that an epidemical distemper, supposed to be a species of the plague, had proved fatal to great numbers of the inhabitants of Dalmatia, and even the city of Spalatro, where every possible endeavour has been used to stop the progress of this terrible calamity". [The Town and Country Magazine, May 1784, p. 273.]
  • June 5, 1784 (Venice) - "The plague stil rages in Dalmatia, particularly in Spaatro, which city, consisting lately of about four thousand inhabitants, is already depopulated. The suburbs, however, are yet free from the contagion, nor has it hitherto extended itself further ini the neighboring island of Brazza." p. 385.]
  • June 6, 1784 (Trieste) - "We learn from Sclavonia, that the pestilence which had ravaged that country is greatly abated; that the terrors it in spired begin to subside, and that commerce is returning to its former channels. The letters add, that the term of the quarantine at Semlin is abridged, and that Austrian and other vessels, charged with merchandise for Belgrade, were daily arriving in the port." [The Town and Country Magazine, July 1784, p. 441.]
  • 1786 - whooping-cough (spread from Southern Germany first to Istria, thence to Albania, and in another direction through Trieste, Muglia, Capo d'Istria and Isola to Venice; from Venice it extended to Padua where it joined with an epidemic that had come from Savoy and had overrun the western part of Northern Italy)
  • 1817 - typhoid fever
  • 1835-6 pestilence (cholera?): Trieste, Lumbardy and Venice
  • 1849 - cholera: Trieste and Istria
  • 1865-6 - cholera: Trieste
  • 1866-7 and 1867-8 - meningitis: Pola and other places in Istria; Trieste and adjoining villages of S. Vito, Servola, S. Giacomo
  • late 1800s - malaria
  • 1885 - cholera: Trieste, Fiume & Istria
  • 1918 - Spanish influenza -

Miscellaneous topics:

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