Istrian American Charities Association

In the Fall of 1991 about 40 people from the Istrian American community in the greater New York City area came together with the intention of helping the people of Istria. The ‘Istrian American Charities Association, Inc.’ was then formed and incorporated in the state of New York. The association currently lists 122 active members and runs fundraising affairs. The proceeds are used to help needy people and establishments in Istria. Many containers of foodstuffs, clothing, medicine and medical equipment were sent to Istria for the use the needy. In 1993 enough money was raised to donate $100 to each of the 122 Istrian war orphans of the then on-going war in Croatia. Scholarships were also awarded to many needy students at the Klasicna Gimnazija in Pazin. The association has a standing policy to contribute $100 to any legitimate fundraising effort to repair any church in Istria. The Association also helps young Istrians who are in need of medical help that is outside their grasp.

IACA LogoThese were some of the implementations of the Association’s purposes which are to:
  1. Promote cultural, social and economic needs of Istrian people 
  2. Provide financial aid for cultural, medical and educational services to Istrians. 
  3. Inform fellow Americans about the needs of Istrians.
  4. Provide financial and economic aid for Istrian people.
  5. Determine the health and welfare needs of Istrian people.
  6. Inform Istrian Americans about available public services.
  7. Identify problems experienced by the Istrian community.
  8. Work with other organizations to benefit Istrian people.
  9. Assist needy Istrians with food, clothes, medicine, etc.
  10. Solicit and collect funds for above charitable purposes.
  11. Engage in various events to raise funds for above purposes.
  12. Establish publications, meetings, a library, etc., to benefit Istrians.

Note: Bolded text (9. through 11.) refers to main activities that the Association has so far been engaged in.

Membership is open to people of Istrian descent or to persons with an attachment to Istrian culture and tradition. 

Istrian American Charities Association
PO Box 564217, College Point, NY 11356
Fax: 718 762 6504

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