9. "Magnolia" - Klaudio and Mladen Radolovic (see below).
Klaudio and Mladen Radolovic were born in the 1950s in Vodnjan (Dignano). 

Their father, Mario, and his sister Graziela were raised alone by their mother, Foska (it is believed that she lost her husband during World War II) on the Ljubiča Stancija farmland located between Marcana (Marzana) and Sarici, but the family lived in Vodnjan. They attended school in Vodnjan and Pula (Pola) and worked in Pula.

Klaudio and Mladen are talented singers of traditional Istrian songs, and they also play several musical instruments, including the roženice and accordian. It is believed that their talents may have been passed down to them from their maternal side of the family. 

They have recorded a number of songs as the duet called "Magnolia". 

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