Bogdan Banu

A native Romanian, Bogdan left our team in 2005 to pursue his own agenda. Passionate about his Aromanian family ties, he introduced himself to us in 2000 by presenting his own creative views on the Istro-Romanian people whose language and heritage is on the verge of extinction. He is not a professional linguist, historian or anthropologist and had no prior knowledge, personal, or professional ties to any Istro-Romanians people in the U.S.A. or scattered around the world prior to joining our team.

Bodgan came to the U.S.A. as a foreign exchange student and earned a degree from Brigham Young University. We recently learned that he is currently pursuing a Masterís Degree in Political Management from George Washington University. He otherwise lives and works in Washington, DC.

The above photograph was taken on May 26, 2000 with a primitive digital camera at the home of Istro-Romanian mother and daughter, Nina and Marisa Ciceran on the first of Bogdan's periodic visits to New York City to access our research materials and connect with our relatives and Istrian friends on what ultimately evolved into two distinctly different representations of our Istro-Romanian people.

Despite our irreconcilable differences, we appreciate Bodgan's interest in our  project and our Istrian peoples, all of whom deserve unity, not desparity, regardless of the languages they speak or their professed idealogies.

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