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Paolo Benoli
Family Album
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Current residence: Monfalcone, Italia
Benoli - wedding Benoli - mom/uncles

Going to a wedding (Buroli, 1950s) - town of Buie is in the background

"Ricordo della pupa toco" (1930s), Paolo's mom (b. 1929) with her brothers Antonio (left) and Mario (right)

Benoli - future Benoli Family Jewels

Fedra - b. 23 August 1998

Arsenio, b. 30 March 1996

(Photo taken July 1999)

30 July 2000, some of the team members meet for the first time and celebrate the day in Portoroz and Pirano. 

Above: Arsenio, Paolo Benoli and Fedra are admiring the traditional bread made by Sandro Sambi. (Photo by Marisa Ciceran)

Below: Paolo and Fedra on the walking tour  from Portorose to Pirano,  (Photo by Franko Pavicevac)


This page compliments of Paolo Benoli, Marisa Ciceran and Franko Pavicevac

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