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Marisa Ciceran
Family Album

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1940 - Istro-Romanian girls of Noselo
(Ita. Villanova d'Arsa; Hrv. Nova Vas)

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This photograph was taken in 1940 during one of four evacuations ("sfollamenti") of the city of Rijeka/Fiume that my mother experienced while working and living in that city that made her return home to Istria to stay temporarily with her parents. The girls, siblings and cousins in this photograph, are on their way to a dance at "Grmin's" place in Cepich. Their Istro-Romanian family nicknames are shown in parentheses.

Pictured left to right:

Top row (standing) - Maria "Mimi" Iurman/Giormani (lu Gaspe) - m. Vittorio Cirilli (deceased c. 2003), moved to Trieste where she passed away Nov, 5, 2013; Pierina Iurman/Giormani (lu Zuretiza), m. Alberto Cristofich (deceased) from Brdo,  they were married in Busalla, Italy, and lived in Trieste for a few years, then emigrated to Brooklyn, NY, USA where she passed away in March, 2003; Amalia Carlovich (lu Bodulo), m. (unknown), committed suicide; Pierina "Maria" Iurman/Giormani (lu Matela), m. Ivan Bacich in Brooklyn, New York, and passed away in 2002. (Maria's family nickname is written on her tombstone instead of her legal surname).

Bottom row - Maria Carlovich (lu Luchsce) m. Bercarich (further details are unknown), my mom Giovanna "Nina" Iurman/Giormani (lu Zuretiza) m. Enrico Ciceran (1907-1993) in Rijeka/Fiume, moved to Isorelle-Savignone, Italy in 1947 and emigrated to the USA in 1951, lived in Brooklyn until 1995, then moved to Manhattan, NY, with her older daughter, Marisa), she passed away at home April 15, 2013; Silva Carlovich (lu Lucsce) m. (further details unknown), Ada Iurman/Giormani (lu Zuretiza), mom's youngest sister, died in 1946 at age 20 of meningitis; and Maria Micleus (lu Corsu), m. Stelio Bacchia, from Chersano/Krsan, uncle of Ivan Kos (a well-traveled political psychologist from New York City). She passed away in September 2009 in California, USA where she lived out her last years near her daughter Marisa and her grand-daughter. All the other girls in this photograph who emigrated to the U.S.A. are buried in Greenwood Cemetery, Brooklyn, NY, along with many other Istrians who settled in that borough of New York City after World Wars I and II.

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