Antonio Dianich

Resident of Pisa, ITALY

Antonio was born in 1933 in Fiume (now Rijeka) of Istro-Romanian ancestry on both sides of his family.

His father, Natale Dianich lu Šćavina, was born in Valdarsa - Sušnjevica, wherease his mother, Maria Liubicich lu Petrhulj was from Costerciani - Kostrčan. 

Antonio's paternal grandfather was Giuseppe Dianich from Valdarsa - Sušnjevica, who married his grandmother, Maria Cvecich lu Blažinci, also from Valdarsa - Sušnjevica.

His maternal grandfather, Giovanni Liubicich lu Petrhulj was from Koštrčan. He married Antonio's grandmother, Maria Stroligo lu Čuban, who came from Boška, a hamlet near Kostrčan. That hamlet is also near the parish church of Brdo.

Antonio left Fiume with his family 1948 as part of the Exodus from Yugoslavia, and for the next five years lived in refugee camps in Italy. He then studied at the University of Pisa where he pursued a a doctorate degree in Philology and Latin Literature, and in the "Scuola Normale Superiore", for which he received a teacher's license in Christian Archeology. He has taught in the high schools of Italy, Madrid, Spain, and Istanbul, Turkey.

Antonio recently retired as professor of Italian and Latin Languages and Literature. He has one sibling, his brother Severino Dianich, who is a famous priest and theologian who also resides in Pisa. He also has been a close lifetime friend of don Alberto Cvecich (1921-2007), a famous Istro-Romanian in his own right.

Among his professional achievements is the following dictionary in 2011: