Caterina Edwards LoVerso

Caterina Edwards' mother was born in Lussingrande / Veli Losinj. Caterina is a writer who lives in Edmonton, Canada with her husband and two daughters. Her writing is often concerned with questions of identity, immigration, belonging, memory, nostalgia, and multiculturalism.

One of her recent books was a collection of short stories, The Island of the Nightingales, and the title story is set in Losinj. In October 2008, she published a non-fictional book entitled Finding Rosa which deals largely with her search for her mother's enigmatic past in Istria and the metaphorical connections with her worsening Alzheimer's Syndrome. Learn more about Caterina and her latest book, including a TV interview, at her website.

See also a short story from "Island of the Nightingales".