Pino Golja

(3 September 1940 - 5 March 2011)

Pino Golja was born in Sveti Martin near Labin / Albona, and lived for many years in the northern California wine country that is north of San Francisco. He recently retired from his job as a high tech "slave" during the week, but he remained an active and dynamic "gentleman rancher" on weekends.

We recently lost this dear friend to brain cancer which took him away quickly. Mere words do not do justice to this gentle, loving, sensitive and generous man who has been a central figure in our project. The loss to Cheryl, his beloved wife, is our loss; and the loss to his extended Istrian family loss is universally felt. For Marisa Ciceran, who heads our internet project, he became like a brother, while learning years later that his two biological sisters actually shared her given name Maria Luisa (Marisa), and her Confirmation name Gina. Our deepest sympathies goes the entire family who survives him.

In the above 2004 photograph he and his dog Anja [who passed away in 2007] are sitting on a rock at a spectacular beach near Bodega Bay where Alfred Hitchcock filmed “The Birds”. This is also the place where Pino collected mussels every year from November through April when they were in season.

See the larger panoramic view from which this photo was taken. See also: