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Danilo Liubicich
Family Album
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Danilo Liubicich at 15 yrs.

Born in Čepić-Felicia
24 August 1921

Italian teachers taking agriculture courses
Poreč-Parenzo (1939)

Angela Veronesi (the future wife of Danilo) and collegue Emilia walking where once was Lake Čepić (Lago d'Arsa)

The Istrian boscarin
Poreč-Parenzo (1939)

Agriculture class
Poreč-Parenzo (September 1939)

Angela and friends under large oak tree at town entrance
Čepić-Felicia (1941)

Graduating class
Poreč-Parenzo (1939)

Angela and collegues
Poreč-Parenzo (1939)

Liubicich parents
Josefa and Pavre
(Giuseppina and Paolo)
Trieste (1947)

Angela and part of her class
Zadca (1940)

Danilo Liubicich at 18 yrs.

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