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Istria 2003 - 2006

Above: An unidentified butterfly on a rare white form of Eupatorium cannabinum L. (Engl.: Hemp; Ital.: Canapa acquatica; Cro.: Konoplusa; Slo.: Konjska griva; Germ.: Wasserdost), photographed on Učka (botanical information courtesy of Dr. Ulrike Starmühler).

A pine tree living by the new promenade along Lanterna Beach in Rabac

Photographed in Mošćenicka draga [flower to be identified]

Mt. Učka (Monte Maggiore) summit

Sunrise at Liganj (Lovran / Laurana)

Seagull on a rock in Mošćenicka draga.

[caption to be added]

Arizona 2000

"Cactus flower" (Franko's youngest daughter, Kristina) 

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