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Heroes andVictims
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July 26, 1998 - Confirmations and church rededication of St. John the Baptist / Sv. Ivan Krstitelj / San Giovanni Battista, Sušnjevica. Part of the memorial plaque can be seen on the church grounds at the extreme right. [Original photograph by © Marisa Ciceran]

Victims of World War II - Sušnjevica (1943-5)

Closeup of the memorial plaque dedicated to the victims of World War II during 1943-45, Sušnjevica area. The plaque gives the false impression that all the victims (many shown in Croatized names not known to their namesake) were of the Nazis and Fascists, whereas the truth is that at least eight of the listed victims were killed by zealot local Partisans who knew their victims. This plaque is credited to: Mještani Mjesne Zajednice Šušnjevica 1988. See zoom.

Name on Plaque


Known or Presumed Given Name

AJKLER J. JOSIP   Aichler, Giuseppe
BAKO P. RIKO   Baco, Enrico
BAKO J. FRANJO   Baco, Francesco
BLAŽEVIČ ABRAM   [Blasevich?], Abramo
BORTUL J. RIKO   Bortul, Enrico
BORTUL M. JOSIP   Bortul, Giuseppe
BELULOVIĆ I. IVAN   Belulovich (or Bellulovich), Giovanni
BRKARIĆ T. ANTON   Bercarich, Antonio [1]
BRKARIĆ IVANA EUGEN   Bercarich, Giovanna Eugenia
BRKARIĆ J. FRANJO   Bercarich, Francesco
BRKAR1Č M. IVAN   Bercarich, Giovanni
BRKARIĆ I. JOSIP   Bercarich, Giuseppe
BUZIGIN F. ANDRIJA   [Buzigin?], Andrea
BUZIGIN F. IVAN   [Buzigin?], Giovanni
CVEČIĆ M. ANTON   Cvecich, Antonio
CVEČIĆ I. IVAN   Cvecich, Giovanni
CVEČIĆ A. LUČANO   Cvecich, Luciano
CVEČIĆ A. NIKOLA   Cvecich, Nicola
FAJMAN M. BENJAMIN   Faiman (?), Beniamino
GLAVINA M. MATE   Glavina, Mateo
JURMAN I. ARTURO   Iurman, Arturo
JURMAN M. RIKO   Iurman (It. Giormani), Enrico [1]
KARLIĆ J. FRANJO   Carlich, Francesco
KARLOVIĆ F. MARIO   Carlovich, Mario
LJUBIČIC A. ALOJZ   Liubicich, Luigi
LJUBIĆIĆ J. ANTON   Liubicich, Antonio
LJUBlČIĆ A. IVAN   Liubicich, Giovanni
LJUBIČIČ M. JOSIP   Liubicich, Giuseppe
LJUBIČIĆ A. MARIO   Liubicich, Mario
LJUBIČIĆ A. RUDOLF   Liubicich, Rodolfo
MAUROVIĆ K. ALBINA   Maurovich, Albina
MIKLEUŠ I. ALBERT   Micleus, Alberto
MILIČ L MARIO   Milich, Mario
PECULIĆ A. IVAN   Pezulich (or Pezzulich), Giovanni
SALAMUN M. MARIO   Salamon, Mario
STANKIĆ I. FRANJO   Stanchich, Francesco
STOJA F. IVAN   Stoia, Giovanni
STOJA F. JOSIP   Stoia, Giuseppe
SKAVRE I. MARIO   [Scavre?], Mario
ŠTOK A. IVAN   [Stoc?], Giovanni
TRDOSLAVIĆ F. MARIO   Terdoslavich (?), Mario
VILA V. ALBERT   Vila (or Villa), Alberto
VILA V. RUDOLF   Vila (or Villa), Rodolfo
VODOPIJA M. JOŽE   Vodopia, Giuseppe
ZOVIĆ J. MILKO   [Zovich or Sufich?], Emilio
ŽGALJARDIĆ A. SLAVKO   [Sgagliardich or Zgagliardich], Luigi
  1. Prisoners of the Nazis and ordered to repair a road, this person was part of a group of local Istrian men from Sušnjevica who were gunned down and killed in a hail of Partisan bullets on May 14 (?), 1944.

With perhaps one or two exceptions, all the people on this list are Istro-Romanians in language and heritage. Most of their families today are scattered around the world. Please help us to identify the faces and people behind these names so that we can properly commemorate and celebrate their lives. Write to:

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