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Giovanni Liubicich with his wife, Ida, and their daughter, Vladimira (Vlada)
Fiume (Rijeka), August 29, 1944

Giovanni Liubicich
July 24, 1902 - July 7, 1945)

Father's name: Giovanni or Anton Liubicich (shown as Ljubicich or Lubicic)
Mother's name: Maria Radich (shown as Maija Radic)
Born: Brdo, Istria
Died: Rijeka (Fiume) - a case of  mistaken identity (by an UDBA informant from his own town), OZNA firing squad, presumed to have been thrown in a nearby foiba.


  • Le vittime di nazionalità italiana a Fiume e dintorni (1939-1947). A cura di Amleto Ballarini e Miheal Sobolevski, Società di Fiumani Roma and Hrvatski Institut za povijest (a collaborative project), 2002
  • Vlada Liubicich has authoritized this page by way of a telephone call to her in 2008.

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