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Saints and the Blessed
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The Dream of St. Romualdo

General topics:

Blessed (Beati), Istrian:

  • Francesco Bonifacio, Pirano - martyred 11 September 1946 at Villa Gardossi
  • Julian de Cesarello, Bale / Valle - born in Valle c. 1300, died in Valle, 1349)
  • Elio da Costabona, Koper / Capodistria - d. 56 A.D. (Italiano)

Saints (Santi), Istrian-born

  • Felix - commemorated May 24; a martyr at Istria, a town on the border of Illyria, with Toellis, Servilius, and Silvanus. There is almost hopeless confusion in their history. Jerome places some of them, including Felix, in Syria, and the rest at Istria. (Martyr, Heiron., Adonis, Usardi) [G.T.S., from A Dictionary of Christian Biography, Literature, Sects and Doctrines: Being a Continuation of "The Dictionary of the Bible", Volume 2, by William George Smith, p. 501.]
  • Gaudentius (Gaudenzio) - Gaudentius Auxerensis. born in Tržić (Tersico), near Osor (Ossero), Lošinj (Lussino) Island
  • Germanus (Germano) - patron saint of Pola, martyred in the Arena in 274 A.D.
  • Germanus (17) - bishop of Aemonia (Cittanova, Novigrad), c. 546 (Cappelletti, Le Chiese d'Italia, viii, 747). St. Germanus is known now largely because of his descriptions of post-Roman British society from his visit to combat Pelagianism (man is not tainted by original sin).
  • Jerome, Eusebius Hieronymus Sophronius, b. Strido (c. 347-420)
  • Massimiano (498-556) - from Pola.
  • Maurus (Mauro) - the patron saint of Poreć (Parenzo), was the first bishop of Poreč (Parenzo) and the Istrian diocese, martyred death in the late 3rd century. In the 5th century, the Euphrasian Basilica was built and the relics of Saint Maurus are kept in the votive chapel called a martyrium. He is shown on the mosaic of the basilica with a martyr's crown in his hand.
  • Nazario (Italiano)
  • Niceforo (Italiano)
  • Rocco (Istrian) - "curator pestis", protector against the plague and cholera
  • Sergius (Sergio) - from Črni Kal (San Sergio)
  • Servul (Servolo) - San Servolo
         St. Servul from Socerb / San Servolo was a genuine Istrian saint from the 3rd century who died a martyr's death. A number of more or less apocryphal saints are also known in Istra, particularly Saint Sergej (Sergius) from Črni Kal. The veneration of these two saints spread widely in surrounding areas as well, the former being much venerated in the Veneto, whilst even today Trieste bears as its city crest the halberd of St Sergius. [From: Dario Darovec, A Historical Outline of Istria]

Non-Istrian saints with ties to Istria:

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  • May 24 - early holy martyrs Zöellus, Servilius, Felix, Silvanus, and Diocles
  • Calendar of Saints -

Sources for top image:

  • "It is recorded in the legend of St. Romualdo, that a short time before his death, he fell asleep beside a found near his cell; and he dreamed, and in his dream he saw a ladder like that which the patriarch Jacob beheld in his vision, resting on the earth, and the top of it reaching to heaven; and he saw the brethren of his Order ascending by twos and by threes, all clothed in white. When Romualdo awoke from his dream, he changed the habit of his monks from black to white, which they have ever since worn in remembrance of his vision." — Mrs. Jameson (Anna), Legends of the Monastic Orders as Represented in the Fine Arts: Forming the Second Series of Sacred and Legendary Art, (London, 1872), p. 117 [reprinted in Walks in Rome, Volume 2, by Augustus John Cuthbert Hane, Strahan & Co. (London, 1871), p. 355].

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