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Barban is a small village in Istria above the valley of the Raša (Arsia / Arsa). The village is situated 28 km. northeast of Pula (Pola) on the Pula - Raša - Labin - Rijeka road.

In the Middle Ages Barban was a fortified town under the control of the Pazin (Pisino) feudal lords. In 1374 it became a Hapsburg possession, to come under Venetian control in the 16th century. In 1534, Venice ceded it to the Loredan family as a heritable possession. 

Parts of the medieval fortifications can still be seen. In the main square, which is approached through Velika Vrata (the Great Gate, 1718), stands the parish church of St. Nicholas with baroque altars and paintings by Venetian masters from the 16th-18th centuries, a Late Gothic stone tabernacle, and wooden baroque sculptures.


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