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A note from Jon Newstrom:

"Okay, So here is the story. Three of us Alaskans have taken Spam® with us in our travels. We then get our photos taken with a can of Spam®, in some interesting place. There may be more of us out there, I don't know. Ron Clarke and India Spartz have their shots from Stonehenge. I have shots from three continents and several countries. My collection started to appear on this web site in 1998. First as a shot on the home page, and then as they were replaced the moved to other pages. In January of 2001, they now appear here, when their time is up on the splash page.

Why? Alaska recently dropped to the number two per capita consumer of Spam®. Hawaii is now number one. This is a small effort to return Alaska to its rightful spot. Hormel, the maker of Spam® doesn't know about this site, nor our "project", I can only hope they might agree with the efforts. If not, I'd be happy to remove the public collection, but it would be a shame. Meanwhile, enjoy Spam, and take a can with you in your travels.

Pula, Croatia is on the Istrian Peninsula very close to Italy. Sometimes, I even drive over to Venice, Italy from Pula. To see a photo click on the thumbnail, all photos are copyright, 1999, Jon Newstrom."


Hello from Zagreb, Croatia, which is now "home". Home is where the heart is and that is Alaska, but Zagreb is where I live, and Croatia is my "tax home" or at least that's what the IRS says.

Trakoscan castle is about 80 KM from Zagreb, Croatia, and some say it's the best castle in Croatia. Certainly, the SPAM® liked the 12th or 13th century setting. The guy in the background has a sword to cut the SPAM® with, but he was roped off, so I couldn't get there. For those who can read the diacritical marks the name is Trakošćan. If that didn't display correctly, imagine a full crown over the "s" and a half crown over the "c" and pronounce it "Track-o-shchan" or something like that. [Zoe was kind enough to take the picture on the right].


  •  © 2003 Jon Newstrom - http://www.newstrom.com/

Left: At the 1st Century Roman Triumphal Arch of Sergius. Once studied by Michelangelo. Notice the Hapsburg style building (the yellow color is a giveaway if the crowns over the windows wasn't a big enough hint). So the combination of Roman and Hapsburg means it has to be Croatia, and this is in Pula.

Left: Artful Spam® This is an art gallery in Pula, Croatia and with a little Spam®, and Waske's hat it's indeed a work of Art.

Right: Suzi McClear, Elvis Morina, and Rich Mclear in the Arena.

Left: Mirga considers just where to take a photo!

Right: Pula Lions like Spam® too! A Roman Lion more interested in Spam than Christians in Pula, Croatia. Circa 30 a.d. 

Left: Spam® in Pula, Croatia. The Arena is a Roman Coliseum finished in the year 30. 1,979 years before this photo was taken by John Shearer.

Right: Yours truly in the Arena looking for Christians to feed the lions. Hoping that if they find me, they will settle for Spam®. Photo by Gordana Svirac September, 1999.

Left: Center of Pula. It's a hot weekend afternoon, so few people are out.

Right: Pula is known for it's shipyard and harbor.

Rovinj, Croatia. 

A small town just a short drive from Pula. A Nice place to visit. You can't get lost as there are only two directions. Up and Down.

Right: a typical street in Rovinj

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