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ario Gasperini was born in Rovigno d'Istria on June 28th 1932. He now lives in London and works in Milan.

He studied painting at the Mantua art school and at the school in the Sforzesco Castle in Milan (where he won first prize two years running), at the Academy of Fine Arts in Genoa, and at St. Martin's School in London. He also attended courses in ceramics at the Central School in London, and at the Cova School in Milan.


born in Rovinj / Rovigno

He also exhibited his work in Rapallo, Santa Margherita Ligure, Genoa, Milan, Trieste, Gardone Riviera, Cernobbio, Rome, and in foreign countries including England, Yugoslavia, Portugal, France, Monaco, Luxemburg, Venezuela and the United States. He also received an honorary diploma with a bronze medal of the "Cinquantenario d'Italia" for landscapes of the Istria area, at the Regional Exhibition of Figurative Art held in Trieste.
Olive trees at  Parenzo, 1976 (Cm 50 X 70), Collection Virginia Gatti, Milan.
He received another honorary diploma, with a gold medal from the prefect of Gorizia, at the 1969 edition of the same exhibition. He was awarded a silver medal for the "Natale dei Pastori" in Milan and the silver plaque from the Touring Club Italiano, as fourth prize in the "Rosetum" exhibition, also in Milan.

Among his other awards we should mention: an honorary diploma with a gold medal at the International Venezia Giulia Friuli Exhibition held in Pordenone, a gold medal from the Mayor of Cormano at the National Competition for landscapes from the Como area, a silver medal at the national Garegnano Abbey exhibition, a silver "ambrogino" from the City of Milan at the national Portici della Comasina exhibition, a gold plaque at the national City of Parabiago competition and various other prizes.

These particular awards and his artistic merits won Mario Gasperini the nomination to membership of the Tiberina Academy, the Legion d' Oro and the Academy of the 500.

He is also a consultant in painting at the University of Toronto, in Canada.

His thoughts on art: "It is man's most faithful and sublime lover". His thoughts on life: "It is important that our hearts should always feel young".

Critique. "To write about a man-painter is not like tracing a profile that should reveal expression, character, technique in nuances, but rather precision in centering the subject.

I made the binomial man-painter because Gasperini can be separated with difficulty.

As a man, he is thoughtful, deep and restless, ever seeking after truth, the inner value of things and of life around him, and therefore of the landscape. He tours, sees and paints thoughtful to convey the best he has within himself.

Istrian cave, 1974 (Cm 70 X 50)
Collection Alida Valli, Rome

Houses in Rovigno, 1970 (Cm 70 X 50)
Collection Buchan Wilson, London

Therefore, his painting is influenced and reveals deep thought and torment at the same time. He loves and feels nature as the expression of a bursting life. As a steady and ratiocinating man, sometimes he does not suffer the mortification of a "routine" work, he rebels, reacts and then goes see, to seek inspiration; then he paints, above all trees, as if he himself were a tree amongst the trees in the landscape of life.

His Istrian olive trees show it to perfection. They are strong paintings, vital, essential, amorous, expressing the live, beautiful and multi-coloured, but also stunted and sorrowful, nature proper of the the olive tree.

The roots that grow out of the soil of his native land are reddish, sanguine, alive; indeed, he left his land with pain, because there he had around him all the beauties of the nature that he loves so much.

His is a picture of study, research, synthesis, expression of torment. In painting the hieratic trunk of peace, he tries to placate and sublimate himself". (E.P.)

Mario is in the center, Alida Valli and Carlo Lanzara on the right, and on the left is Alida's mother and son Carlo. Photo source: E. Laura & M. Porro, Alida Valli, Gremese Editore (Roma, 1996), p.25.

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